GSP 3-4-5

  • Food industry
  • Ceramic
  • Industrial

Melting Unit GPS 3-4-5

The melting unit and spry dried recovery model GSP T allows the quick leakage in water of the waste powder coming from spry dry filters.

This type of product can also be used in steel working, food, oenlogical industry and where it is necessary to melt powders in water quickly.

This is allowed thanks lo the vertical centrifugai pump coated with rubber, which due to its recycling fundion makes the product homogeneous eliminating possible crumbs in the material.

The whole unit is driven by an electronic weighting instrument and by one PLC which regulate the powder/liquids coming in and the several working and washing cycles.

The carpentry parts, including the tank, the crosspiece and the weighing cells are built in stainless steel AlSI 304.
The pump parts and the hoses submitted to wear are coated with fire proof rubber in order to increase their lasting.

Technical features:

  • Tank material stainless steel AISI 304 (other types of material on request)
  • Other parts: stainless steel Fe 52 trealed
  • Pump body: cast iron
  • Internai coating: interchangeable in several types of wear-proof rubber.
  • Impellers: in special alloy or coated with different types of fire proof rubber.
  • Working temperature: silicon coating from -10° to +110°
  • Working temperature: nitrile coating from -10° to +90°
  • Working temperature: natural rubber from -10° to +60°
  • Passage of the solids in suspension: it is different according to the size of the used pump

For specific technlcal features ask our sales office.




Potenza elettrica

Electric power

Potencia eléctrica





4 Kw.

lt. 300


9.2 Kw.

lt. 500


11 Kw.

lt. 1000