VAR Wheeled or Fixed Electric Pump with Tank

  • Ceramic
  • Industrial

Vertical Centrifugal Pump With Tank VAR

The vertical centrifugai pumps with tank, model VAR are planned far very abrasive liquids gravity transfer such as: Ceramic slip, glaze, waste water with solids in suspension, sewage, sands, slurry, scales coming from marble cut, black flow water coming from steel working plants, acids and so on...

As these pumps don't have any type of mechanical seal, can work aven without liquids.
As they operate in gravity supplying can be installed at vibrating screens outlet, at mill discharge and in ali the places where the liquid flow to be pumped is not constant.

The tank is made of press-bent sheet metal stainless steel AISI 304 and can be with wheel or flxed according to the customer requirements. The tank sizes depend on the needs.

On request models with shaft drive support and motor UNI are available aven with belt transmission.
The bodies and impellers are coated with special alloy of fire proof rubber or made of hard materiaI (hardalloy).
The impellers of the open type allow the passage of solids even of big sizes in suspension (ask our technicians about technical explanation).

Technical features:

  • Body: cast iron
  • Supports: if present cast iron
  • Infernal coating : interchangeable with different types of fire proof rubber
  • Impellers: in special alloy or coated with different types of fire proof rubber
  • Working temperature: nitrile coating from-10° to +90°
  • Working temperature: coating with naturaI rubber from -10° to +60°

For specific technical features ask our sales office.

Standard motors are available on stock. Far different configuration ask our sales office.