Self-Cleaning Iron Remover P.D.PA. 219/1

  • Ceramic

Self-Cleaning Iron Remover for Liquids P.D.PA.219
Available with manual or automatic valves

Ceramlc Industry appllcatlons:

  • In the glaze grinding department (at the mill's drainage or at the storage pools)
  • On Ihe glazing lines (at the storage pools' drainage)
  • In the mixture grinding department (at lhe sieves' drainage and pools' drainage)
  • At the dapurator (for waste water iron removing)

Operatlng Cycle:

The liquid product is immersed in the pressure well using a pump (not included) in the lower side of the well. The deferrization occurs as the liquid comes into contact with the magnetic bars inside the well.
The cleaned liquid exits the upperside of the machine.

Cyclically, the machine runs a well counter-wash (this operation takes 50 seconds) at the same time the magnetic bars (that come in contact with the product) are demagnetized allowing for the iron residue to deposit at the bottom of the well.
The iron residue will then be discharged during the counter-wash.

The full operating cycle (demagnetization of the magnetic bars, opening and closing of the glaze and washing waters' valves) is programmable through the PLC available in the electrical panel on the machine.

The machine can be supplied with one or mulliple wells for parallel or series operation.


  • Built wilh AlSI Type 304L Stainless Steel
  • Very low energy consumption during operation
  • Very low water consumption (About 60 lt/h)
  • Easily cleaned (it's self-cleaning)
  • Long lasting magnets (Double coating protects them from humidity)
  • Almost total absence off fast deteriorating components
  • The internai magnetic trap keeps the product in contact with the magnetic bars promoting a more effective deferrization
  • Small size
  • Easily integrated in existing processes
  • It's the only self-cleaning iron remover that works for glazes
  • Affordable price

OptionaI Accessories:

  • Magnetic bars for high temperatures
  • Centrifugai pump coated with anti-abrasive rubber designed to work with the iron remover
  • Valves wilh anti-abrasive, interchangeable rubber sleeve
  • Heavy duty valves
  • Moving cart
  • Kit for the full recovery of the produd before washing














PDPA219/1M manual.  9000 litri/ora - litres/hour - litros/hora  230/400 Volt.  13500
PDPA219/1A  autom.  9000 litri/ora - litres/hour - litros/hora   230/400 Volt.  13500