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The ultrasonic system is applied successfully in the screening field and has several advantages, among which the high production, a uniform distribution of the powder on the screen, reduction of the sintering.

The system allows to maintain the screening surface constantly clean without using other cleaning systems such as cleaners, bouncing balls or brushes, on or under the sieving surface, that can give premature wear problems of the wire mesh and also create further difficulties in cleaning the components.

The ultrasonic system is also suitable in working cycles where the frequent change of color (eg. powder coatings) would not allow to use different cleaning systems that once dirty, would extend the cleaning time or in cases where the use of different materials from stainless steel (eg. rubber balls) may create risk of contamination of the product, even if they are certificated.

Suitable for the functioning with wire mesh with opening from 20 to 1000 microns.

The system is also certified to work in potentially explosive environments (atex ii2 g/d).

The system doesn't involve radical construction changes on the vibrating screen.

Industries that use this system regularl: pharmaceutical - chemical - cosmetics - oxides - pigments - toner - plaster - sugar - spices - metallic powder - glass.




Teflonatura di fondi

Teflon coated inside surfaces

Tratamiento de teflón de los fondos

Coperchio con diffusori per polveri

Lid with powder distributor

Tapa con difusores para polvos

Diffusione per barbottina e liquidi

Distributor for liquids

Difusión para barbotina y líquidos 

Sistema di pulizia

Screen anti-blinding systems

Sistema de limpieza

Palline / Clinner

Rubber balls/ cleaner rings for


Alta temperatura

Normal and high temperature use

Alta temperatura

Anelli con guarnizioni a“C”

Rings with “C” shaped gaskets

Anillos con empaquetadura a “C”

Anelli con guarnizioni 

in silicone Alim

Rings with food grade U-shaped gaskets

Anillos con empaquetaduras de siliconas Alim.

Alette di autoscarico

Deflector blades for outlets

Aletas de autodescarga




Bocche per alimenti

Food Mouths

Bocas al¡mentadores

Bocca tonda / Bocca dritta

Round or rectangular outlet spouts

Boca redonda / Boca derecha

Chiusure rapide

Quick clamps

Cierres rápidos

Anello usa e getta

Throwaway rings

Aro usa y tira

Sistema ultra sonico

Ultrasonic screen cleaning system

Sistema ultrasónico

Setacci a 4 reti

4 meshes sieves

Tamiz de 4 redes

Motori pneumatici

Explosion proof pneumatic motors

Motores neumáticos

Sicurezza aumentata

More safety

Seguridad ampliada

Motori ATEX

ATEX motors

Motores ATEX

Deferizzatori a sorgente da applicare ai setacci dal 450 al 1200

Upstream magnetic separators for screen diameters 450 to 1200 mm

Filtros de desferrización de fuente da aplicarse a los tamices del 450 al 1200